Exclusive hot air balloon trips to offer you unparalleled experiences, powerful images with professional drones to elevate your brand beyond expectations

Explore excellence in the art of flight

We are here to give you a unique emotion and offer you out-of-the-ordinary solutions to promote your company or your event. We put at your disposal over 30 years of experience in the aeronautical field and over 2,300 hours of flight.

Sunrise in a hot air balloon flight over the Montefalco countryside

For your unique and unforgettable moments

We guarantee you a personalized experience for every flight in the sky

Give yourself the luxury of exploring an unprecedented world, embracing the panoramic beauty from above. The art of flying reaches new heights when in a hot air balloon, and your trip becomes an indelible memory.

With impeccable service and total dedication to your safety and comfort, we are more than just travel: we are the epitome of in-flight elegance.

Why settle for traveling when you can lift your spirits? Find out what it really means to fly with us and get ready to soar through the skies in style.

For your work

we change the way the world sees your company

Our advertising hot air balloons offer an unparalleled backdrop to promote your brand with style and grandeur. Imagine your logo floating delicately in the sky, capturing everyone’s attention in a way that only hot air balloons can provide.

The sky becomes a unique and unforgettable advertising space in which your company can open up to a memorable and unparalleled experience, standing out from the crowd and reaching new heights of visibility.

If you want to celebrate company milestones, launch new products or simply leave a lasting impression, choose exclusivity and high visibility.

advertising balloon for companies
What are professional drones used for? All the applications you need to know.

For your goals

We transform every flight in the sky INTO a work of art

Explore the sky with our professional drones, the digital architects of your corporate narrative. From creating breathtaking promotional videos to attention-grabbing aerial photos, our productions offer a unique and engaging perspective that translates into unprecedented visibility for your brand.

Imagine your installations, corporate events and projects from above, with a clarity and precision that only drones can offer. Add a modern twist to your marketing strategy by reaching your audience with images and videos that will leave a strong impression.

Your visibility is our mission. Take a look at the world from our drones and discover how we can reach ever higher goals together.


We are sure we have the solution best suited to your flying needs


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    In our blog the elegance of hot air balloon flights merges with the art of professional drones.
    For lovers of the sky and adventure we share engaging stories, detailed guides and visual inspiration.
    The luxury of flight and the power of images are the perfect combination for adventurous and sophisticated souls.
    We welcome you to our world, where the sky is never the limit, but the beginning of new adventures.

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