Professional DRONES FAQ

Where can drones fly? How much does a service cost?
Are your professional drones licensed and insured?

Here you can find all answers to the FAQ
on professional drones.


Professional drones faq

Where can drones fly? How much does a service cost?
Are your professional drones licensed and insured?

Here you can find all answers to the FAQ
professional drones

Frequently asked questions about drones

Are you allowed to operate your drones anywhere?

It depends. Aviation regulations specify all procedures unequivocally. Both our clients and us must ensure a thorough background study of the flight area to obtain all necessary authorisations in time.

What type of drones do you use?

We have chosen the DJI Phantom 4 PRO V2.0 drone, designed for professional photo- and 4K videography. However, in specific cases we can use other drone models as well. Please contact us for more detailed information.

How much does a professional drone video and photo shoot cost?

There are many variables in preparing a price estimate, such as the complexity of the flight area and the authorisations to obtain. Please write to us specifying your needs so that we could prepare a personalised estimate for you.

Please do not trust rates that seem too cheap for the services you request or are obviously dumping. It is not rare that such flights could be performed against the rules. Did you know that even clients can be charged a fine?

Are your drones licensed and insured?

Definitely. We are recognized D-flight operators in possession of the license for drone piloting,with extension for critical operations, and the certificate for “risk management” for operations with professional drones. Besides, our drone is registered with the National Civil Aviation Organisation (ENAC) and covered by a third-party liability insurance as requested by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) standards.

How much in advance should I book a drone service?

It depends on the service requested and, first of all, on the flight area. In some situations, it is possible to book a service just a day in advance, other cases require from 60 to 90 days to obtain all necessary authorisations. Please contact us specifying your needs and we will get back to you with exact answers.

Is it possible to operate a drone over public gatherings?

No: for safety reasons it is not allowed to fly drones over gatherings of people.

Is it possible to operate drones in and around stadiums, concert venues or sporting events?

No: it is prohibited to operate drones over public gatherings in such places. However, we are equipped with alternative means and solutions to ensure excellent results in full compliance with the rules. Please contact us to know more.

Do you provide only drone photo- and videography services?

We can also take care of editing and post-production of video and photo footage upon your request. We can provide a full set of photography services engaging professionals specialised in promotional, wedding and event photo and video shoots. In cooperation with our expert partners we also perform aerial thermography, surveys, mapping and precision farming services. Please contact us for more detailed information.